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Heather Miller



 Hey there, first off thank you for checking out Sustainable Fitness! I started this business as a personal fitness studio in March of 2013.  My dream for SF was to create a place where everyone feels welcome ,  where anyone can learn how to exercise properly, without the 'fear factor' of going into a crowded commercial gym. While I am committed to constant improvement, I feel we have accomplished this. And now, I am happy to have partnered with Vortex Performance Gym, where we can offer a VIP private personal training experience, AND give our clients access to a great place to train. I'd like to say a HUGE thank YOU to my staff and  my loved ones for all of the continued support, and of course to our AWESOME family of clients! You guys ROCK! 
So about me: 
I grew up on a horse farm in western Maryland, so I have an active, outdoors background. My siblings and our friends were always hiking,swimming, mountain biking, running, and playing sports (badly).  I was about 13 when I took up pilates and yoga. This is where I discovered my love for learning about the human body and what it is capable of. I also realized I loved to share what I was learning with others. By age 15, I was practicing yoga and doing some form of outdoor cardio on a daily basis.

(me , age 16, 5'8" tall, roughly 100-110 lbs.)
 In spite of my activity, my health began to fail. My weight plummeted. By age 16 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and a host of related auto-immune issues. I began to study nutrition and health more deeply in order to "fix" myself.  I was told I needed to increase my weight to at least 127 lbs to lose my "underweight" status. That's when I fell in love with muscle building. I knew the weight gain needed to happen, but I didn't want to gain fat. A coach at my local YMCA showed me a picture of a beautiful, muscular girl, who he referred to as a 'figure girl'. I was enamored instantly. I wanted to look like her! And so I spent hours, every day, reading about strength training and all the nuts and bolts of getting buff, and I spent most of my other free time at the gym.  
This is where the dream for SF was born. I knew what I needed to do in the weight room, but I was still intimidated by the 'elite' seeming people. Even with a trainer coaching me through, I thought, " man, it'd be nice if I could work on this in private until I'm really comfortable with what I'm doing." )
I passed my goal of 127 lbs by age 19. Now, at age 24, I'm never satisfied. But I'm proud to say I've gained up to a fairly lean 157 lbs. And finally, this sping, I will be competing in my first NPC figure competition! Wish me luck!

 I have been a personal trainer for 6 years now. I am still constantly learning along the way. The more I learn, the more I love fitness and health. Helping people change the way they feel IN and ABOUT their bodies has turned out to be the most rewarding career imaginable! I am thrilled for the opportunity to share my knowledge and motivation with YOU!

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